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MOVE Interior Organization System

The MOVE solid wood interior organization system offers a variety of application options with its variable inserts – four various boxes available in three heights and two bases. A cutlery tray, a roll holder, a knife holder and other various elements will allow you to organize your kitchen space right down to the last detail. Moreover, the non-slip mat makes the space in between the ideal solution for kitchen utensils and ensure that everything stays in place.

1000 possibilities
There has never been so much space for ideas! MOVE represents
maximum freedom in internal organization and therefore fits
perfectly in all drawer breadths of 30 to 120 cm.

The flexibility of organizing your storage
Are we keeping our cabinets neat and tidy in the overhead cupboards or on our MosaiQ railing. Whether pull-outs, pull-out units, storage cupboards or overhead cupboards – MOVE enables smart organization fully according to your preferences.

Häcker lighting

The right choice of lighting in the kitchen makes cooking easier and much more enjoyable.

Recessed LED lamp with a color temperature change

There is a possibility of using or embedding LEDs. The cutter with cable channeling in the bottom is pre-installed at the factory.

GrifflosART- Lighting strip for the gripping profile grifflosART’ (without handles) means that cabinet panels are milled ready for assembly and the grooved strips are available in stainless steel colored brushed white or polar white. The end of the strips can be optionally designed with front finishing frames.

Electrical Cabinets

We have electrified systems used for opening cabinets.

Deep drawer organization systems

Innovative drawer organizing systems offer a generous capacity for storing everything from kitchen utensils and gadgets to toiletries or craft supplies.

Corner cabinet storage systems

Corner cupboards with pull-out shelves ensure that optimum use of storage space is made.

Qanto Corner solution:
– available only for the corner area with the dimensions of 65 × 65 cm
– the corner element contains movable shelves
– completely illuminated by LED light fixtures integrated beneath the top tray
– new pre-assembled corner solution which comes with two versatile trays that can be extracted and retracted vertically by a linear drive, at the press of a button.
– load capacity per shelf 10-15 kg

Base cabinets with a waste sorter

Two part sliding door / lift door with two opening functions

The bottom door with handle strip can slide up and disappear behind the top door.
Both doors can be lifted upwards. Top door has the integrated LED light band on the bottom edge with linear LED interior lighting.

Upper cabinet with folding door

All rotating systems in wall cabinets are designed to be infinitely adjustable, as a result allowing them to open easily and close gently. You may choose from full furniture fronts and glass fronts with frames, which offer the possibility of designing various sets.

Base cabinets

Cargo storage drawers

Pull-out Kitchen Drawers

The pull-out drawers are beautifully shaped, powder-coated, champagne-colored and, most importantly, durable. Keeping the cleanliness inside the drawers is possible due to the built-in trim strips in the corners. The system slides on fully retractable self-locking runners. They are already manufactured with the rectangular railings. For a small surcharge, the side walls may be made of glass for better overview of the drawer contents.

Silent Move

“Silent-move compact” has been the unbeatable finishing touch since 2007 – a system of worktops in 12-mm thick granite that move smoothly, almost floatingly. Closed, it forms a contrasting frame for the base units that house the hob and sink. Open, it provides access to these functions and invites you to sit down in an elegant design dream that is turned into reality in 13 granite variants and five synthetic stone varieties as well as two ceramic surfaces.

Pocket doors

Kitchen Railings

Kitchen Railings – a wide range of solutions and accessories is available.


Kitchen Bluetooth Sound System
The easily installed kitchen sound system allows you to stream music from your laptop or smartphone via bluetooth while cooking or dining.


From now on all wooden products of Häcker are even stronger formaldehyde reduced
With PURemission Häcker sets new standards! Further information: https://www.haecker-kuechen.de/en/environment.html


The edges of Häcker furniture are finished with “water-resist-PUResist" veneer. to create the high quality fronts, a fast-drying polyurethane adhesive without formaldehyde and thinners is used.

We can confirm that by using this solution no joints in the kitchen fronts are visible.